Safevue®  Windscreens

PG Glass has, over the years, returned your car to its original condition by replacing your windscreen with a genuine Shatterprufe® windscreen part.  Shatterprufe® windscreens are an OE (Original Equipment) quality windscreen with SABS approval.

Safevue® is a new addition to the PG Glass auto glass product range.  Safevue® is a more affordable option which is marketed to insured and uninsured customers needing a windscreen replacement.  This auto glass fitment product will assist the insurance industry in reducing the average cost of claim on an escalating cost on the motor book. Safevue® is a quality SABS approved windscreen that is proudly manufactured locally in South Africa by Shatterprufe® manufacturing.

Safevue® Manufacturing Process

There is no compromise on the quality of the windscreen as it is manufactured with the same raw materials as a genuine Shatterprufe® windscreen.  Safevue® undergoes 9 quality checks to ensure that it is manufactured according to the SANS 1191 (SABS) and European E Mark (ECE R43) standard.

Safevue® Value Added Components

Wherever required, Safevue® is factory fitted with all of the necessary beadings & mouldings, mirror brackets, rain sensors, light sensors, and antenna sensors necessary in order to support a quality fitment.

Difference between an OE (Original Equipment) and SABS Approved windscreen

The SABS is a provider of standards, management systems and business improvement processes. Their standard SANS 1191 (SABS) needs to be met for all windscreens fitted in South Africa.

Original Equipment (OE) products are manufactured according to particular specifications as set out by the Original Equipment manufacturer e.g. FORD. They have additional requirements and tests over and above the SABS standard that increase the cost of an OE quality windscreen.

Where a Safevue® part is available, the insurer and the policyholder have a choice on which part they would like to have fitted to their vehicle.

The benefits of Safevue® for the Motorist

  • An affordable option product and service perfect for older vehicles (older than 5 years old) and out-of-warranty vehicles, dependant on the rules in this regard, as stipulated by the insurer.
  • Fitment of the Safevue® Parts may be available with no excess to the insured customer (this is dependent on insurance company).
  • The range of Safevue® windscreen parts covers up to 60% (+/- 6million vehicles) of the replacement demand for the carparc in RSA).
  • A mobile service is available for convenience and speed of service.

The Benefits of Safevue® for the Trade (Used Car Dealers and Panelbeaters)

  • An competitively priced product and service to secure the sale of the vehicle.
  • A mobile service available for convenience and speed of service.

Safe Fitment for personal safety

Safevue® is available from the PG Glass network (109 Fitment Centres nationally).  In order to ensure safety, no short-cuts are ever taken when it comes to the windscreen fitment process.  Safevue® is fitted safely and professionally by trained and accredited auto glass technicians – so you still have the peace of mind that you have the fitment done by the trained fitters.

Customer Experience

PG Glass remains committed to offering a great customer experience from initial enquiry, administration and scheduling, to mobile or comfortable fitment centre installation.  Our Customer Contact Centre and website are available to make it possible for you to find the nearest Fitment Centre for fast, friendly service.


Warranties and Guarantees

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Safevue® comes with a Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty which states that the windscreen will be fit for purpose, durable and in compliance with manufacturer specifications.  The warranty covers delamination and bubbling – terms and conditions apply.

Workmanship Guarantee

PG Glass offers a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship for Safevue® – the guarantee covers leaks, whistling and wind noise. The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. The guarantee excludes rust, UV damage, wear and tear.
  2. The guarantee is valid for as long as the vehicle owner owns the vehicle – the guarantee is non-transferrable.
  3. The original invoice serves as the guarantee. For the guarantee to be valid, the vehicle owner must produce the original invoice corresponding to the work to be done.
  4. Any tampering with the windscreen in any form or manner will render the warranty and guarantee null and void.

Environmental benefits

Safevue® is also environmentally friendly as broken windscreens will be recycled through the PG Group’s recycling facility.

Carbon credits are issued to each insurer on a monthly basis to be used in Financial Reporting.

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