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PG Recalibration

What is ADAS windscreen recalibration?

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System is the collective term for the enhanced features and technology integrated into many modern vehicles, that aid and increase driver and vehicle safety.

Sensor recalibration

What makes ADAS relevant to the Vehicle Glass Repair and Replacement industry is that the forward-facing camera and some sensors at the heart of the system, are housed on the windscreen itself.

When a windscreen containing ADAS integration is replaced there is a danger of misalignment which can have a significant effect on the efficient functioning of the system. If the camera or sensors are out by even a few millimetres, it can mean the difference between a vehicle avoiding a collision or not.


ADAS Recalibration falls under two categories:

At PG Glass we are equipped to cater for the recalibration of any Dynamic or Static Advanced Driver Assistance System on any make or model of car.

Dynamic Recalibration

This applies to dynamic ADAS and recalibration is carried out with the use of a hand-held device plugged directly into the car. In most cases, the vehicle will then need to be driven at a prescribed speed over a certain distance in optimum weather conditions, to allow the system to become accustomed to certain road features. Often the vehicle manufacturer will stipulate specific parameters for recalibration of their dynamic ADAS.


Static Recalibration

This applies to static ADAS and recalibration is carried out in a workshop environment on a level surface. This form of recalibration requires specialist equipment like the CSC (Camera and Sensor Recalibration) Tool. Each car manufacturer requires different recalibration settings for their Static ADAS.


ADAS functionality will need to be recalibrated
What does ADAS mean for a customer and PG Glass?

When we replace a windscreen that is equipped with a camera-based system, the original position of the damaged glass is not easily maintained. Meaning the new glass does not sit in the same position, angle and depth in the vehicle aperture as the original factory-installed glass. The new position of the windscreen will than result in the camera sitting at a different angle than what was initially intended and will record the required information incorrectly thus affecting the system and putting the occupants at risk when driving the vehicle.

Vehicles with the ADAS functionality will need to be recalibrated (unless stated otherwise) after a replacement windscreen has been fitted. Recalibration of forward-facing ADAS cameras is now being integrated into the PG way of fitting as an additional service to our customers.

Don’t place yourself at risk
If the camera or sensors are out by even a few millimetres, it can mean the difference between a vehicle avoiding a collision or not.
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