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Windscreen Repair

Don’t wait until it is too late!

A windscreen chip could turn into a crack at any time, often when you are least expecting it. If this happens when you are driving, it could have a serious effect on your safety.
Professional Chip Repairs
Your windscreen provides up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength and the passenger airbag relies on the windscreen to provide support if the airbag deploys. Repairing a chip will result in your windscreen being as strong as before the damage happened.

PG Glass uses the global leader Glass Medic® repair technology to professionally repair chips on a windscreen.


Types of chips


Just like the bullseye on a dartboard, these circular cracks occur after impact with circular objects such as rocks.

Half Moon

A semi-circle shape, the half moon crack is also caused by impact with circular objects, but unlike the bullseye they are not completely circular.
star break

Star Break

Star breaks are those small cracks leading away from the point of impact in a starburst pattern.
combination break


When multiple types of chips and cracks occur within one windscreen, resulting in extensive damage.


These occur when hard objects cause small pieces of glass to come off the windscreen.
We come to you
A chip repair will restore the structural integrity of the windscreen, making the vehicle safe to drive again.

Even minor windscreen damage shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be dealt with as soon as it appears. A little issue can quickly snowball, especially when your windscreen is exposed to more extreme conditions.

Reasons why

Repair the chip on your windscreen
It can turn into a crack at any time
If left unattended, the chip can turn into a crack by simply driving through a pothole or over a speed hump – this means that you will have to replace your windscreen.
Saves money – usually excess free if you are insured
A repair is usually free and won’t affect a no claims bonus. If you have fully comprehensive vehicle insurance, or vehicle insurance including cover for glass damage, PG Glass can usually repair your windscreen for free.
Saves time – average 30 minutes to repair
In most cases you do not have to deal with your insurance company at all. PG Glass can usually take care of all the paperwork for you if you are claiming the repair on your vehicle insurance.

Once you have arranged an appointment with us we will contact your insurance company, get their approval to carry out the work and can usually take care of all the paperwork involved.

Safety – restores your windscreen back to 100% strength and integrity

A blemish may still be visible in place of the chip, once the repair is carried out (the size of the blemish depends on the severity of the damage). A chip repair will however, restore the structural integrity of the windscreen, making the vehicle safe to drive again.

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Benefits & Features
At PG Glass, we are proud of our Repair Before ReplaceTM promise where we always try to repair a chipped windscreen before replacing it, usually saving you both the time and money involved with a replacement.

Global Leader

We use PG Glass Medic® Repair technology which is the global leader in repair technology.


The PG Glass Medic® will restore your windscreen to 100% strength and integrity.


The PG Glass Medic® Repair technology is exclusive to PG Glass.

Less Waste

A PG Glass Medic® Repair produces less waste than a windscreen replacement.


The PG Glass Medic® Repair will be virtually invisible – this is dependent on the size and contamination within the chip.


The PG Glass Medic® will not discolour.