Three Reasons to Park Your Vehicle in the Shade This Festive Season

With all the great restaurants, new malls, cool shops and loads of thigs to see and do these holidays, you’ll probably be driving around a lot. Road trips are great fun, but when you get to your destination, you should try your best to park in the shade, especially during summer. Most of us already do, and you’ll see cars parked far away from the entrances to the shops in a desperate attempt to get some shade from the tiny, flimsy trees that pop up every fourth parking space or so. Turns out those people are definitely the smart ones! Why? Here are our top three reasons to keep your car out of the sun as much as you can.

  1. To save the burning skin! 


All South Africans are familiar with the problems of getting into a car after leaving it parked in the sun, even for a brief time. The air is sweltering, the seats scorch your legs and back, the wheel is too hot to touch and hold comfortably, and the belt buckles are physically capable of burning you. You can easily put a towel over your seats, but that gets sweaty – and anyway, unless you’re a driving gloves kind of person, you still have to contend with the steering wheel. Using a sun shield behind the windscreen will help, but they don’t provide any protection for the side windows, so shade is more practical and effective. You can up your protection even further by using smash and grab tinting, which allows a little less sun to penetrate the glass products. Parking your car in the shade can decrease the internal temperature by over 35 degrees, and will also allow your car to cool down more quickly.

  1. Stop the fade


While the light and the sun are doing anything but fading, they’re certainly working their magic on your car’s interior. You may have noticed some sun damage in older cars which spend a lot of time outside either due to lack of parking or being used for something like a delivery job. This damage can come in the form of fading and cracks across your dashboard, to the extent that it looks a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Yep, your windscreen is working like magnifying glass burning paper and intensifying the heat on your dashboard. By parking in the shade, you stop your dashboard absorbing heat, drying out, fading and cracking. Your car seats will also fade, leaving your lovely jet black seats a less-appealing shade of grey after being exposed to the sun for too long. If your car is your pride and joy, you definitely don’t want that!

  1. Save money on petrol


By parking your car on the shade, you can actually save money! Who doesn’t need a little bit of extra cash over the festive period, especially if the only effort it requires is a few extra steps to the shops after you’ve parked? By keeping your car cool, you’ll slow the speed at which your petrol evaporates, meaning you get to drive further on the same money. You’ll also need to use your aircon less to cool the car down, so it’s a double whammy of savings.

3Three reasons to park in the shade


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