What is PG SmartShield®?

PG SmartShield® windscreen protection is an optically clear film designed to protect the vehicle’s windscreen from everyday road hazards. PG SmartShield®’s main function is to shield the vehicle’s windscreen from damage resulting from stones and other flying road debris reducing the occurrence of rock chips, stars, and bulls-eyes or cracks – leaving the glass in pristine condition.
Protect your vehicle
With PG SmartShield® the impact debris, which often shatter unprotected glass, will only leave a mark the size of a pinpoint on the windscreen, preserving and protecting the windscreen from chip and cracks. PG SmartShield® is scratch resistant and will stand up to minor abrasions such as windscreen wipers.

Protect your vehicle

PG SmartShield® comes in a variety of options to suit your needs and budget.
Choose the protection that’s right for you.


The traditional 1 layer windscreen protection, the PG SmartShield® Econo utilizes its hard coat technology to increase product life while also providing a cost-effective windscreen protection solution. The 1 layer system is a viable entry point into windscreen protection.

  • 5 – 12 months* life expectancy
  • Optically clear and metal free, providing zero interference with high tech windscreens
  • The advanced technology is standard, giving a balance between cost and quality

PG SmartShield® DUAL

PG SmartShield® DUAL is a 2 layer solution will last twice as long at a minimal additional cost. Our PG SmartShield® Dual system employs a 2 layer system which makes all types of windscreens safer. PG SmartShield® Dual is convenient and is manufactured to the highest quality and clarity possible.

  • 10 – 24 months* life expectancy
  • Optically clear and metal free, providing zero interference with high tech windscreens
  • The advanced technology is standard giving a balance between cost and quality

PG SmartShield® Commercial

PG SmartShield® Commercial is a multi-layer solution and comes in variety of options – from a 1 layer to 6 layer solution, with each layer lasting to about 4 – 6 months* depending on vehicle usage, care and maintenance.

Whether your company has a large fleet or operate a small business with a few commercial vehicles, we understand that your priority is to keep your vehicles on the road.

  • 6H Hard Coat
  • 1 Layer Construction System
  • 4-6 Months* Life Expectancy

  • 6H Hard Coat
  • 2 Layer Construction System
  • 8-12 Months* Life Expectancy

  • 6H Hard Coat
  • 4 Layer Construction System
  • 18-24 Months* Life Expectancy

  • 6H Hard Coat
  • 6 Layer Construction System
  • 2-3 Years* Life Expectancy

Safety and care

1. Choose your solution
PG SmartShield®’s main function is to protect your vehicle’s windscreen from damage resulting from stone chips and other flying road debris. The solution you ultimately choose will depend upon your usage and how frequent you are on the road.

Speak to a PG Glass Specialised Fitment Centre to recommend a solution that’s right for your needs.

2. Drive with confidence
Drive your vehicle with confidence and peace of mind that your windscreen has optimal protection.
3. Perform correct maintenance
Perform correct maintenance and care on your windscreen protection as instructed in the care instructions. PG SmartShield® windscreen protection solution is a disposable product and comes with a set life expectancy.
Care and Maintenance
We understand how important the appearance and most importantly safety of your vehicle is to you, and personalising it to your needs is something we love doing. We believe, choosing PG SmartShield® windscreen protection solutions for your vehicle, is the best decision you can make to maximize the safety as well as to maintain its value for years to come. The product requires some basic care and maintenance in order for it to provide you with a longer life span and fully protect your windscreen.

Be sure to refer to the PG SmartShield® Product Safety and Instructions for recommended care tips. Be especially diligent about your cleaning process, since correct cleaning is essential to longer product life. Remember by keeping your windscreen protection cleaned properly, you can improve product life by up to 33%.

Product Life Span
All PG SmartShield® products come with the highest graded hard coat, and offers the longer life span per layer of material available. The best method to extend your PG SmartShield® windscreen protection layers’ life, is to follow and maintain the correct
cleaning process.

When and how to remove PG SmartShield®

When you notice scratching or hard coat flaking during a visual inspection, this could indicate product wear. Using a semi-sharp instrument, such as a knife blade, you can simply and remove with a slow pulling action using a 30 to 180 degrees angle.

Note: Be sure you are only removing one layer at a time.

We recommend visiting a Specialised PG Glass Fitment Centre for Professional removal of your PG SmartShield® solution.

Contact our Specialised Fitment Centres and we will recommend the most cost effective solution for you!
Why worry about UNSAFE, CRACKED or DAMAGED windscreens? Why stress about COSTLY windscreen replacements?

With PG SmartShield® windscreen protection, you will have peace of mind knowing your windscreen is fully protected.

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