Renovating? Here Are a Few Tips on How to Choose the Best Glass Fittings

When renovating or upgrading your home, add an extension or even just redo your bathroom it always feels like a small task to start with. As it progresses you realise that the options are endless and there are so many tiny decisions to make! What colour scheme should you use, which tiles are the best value and most attractive, should you go for a bath, shower or both? One of these major decisions is choosing the glass fittings, especially in bathrooms. You might want new windows in the kids rooms, or sliding glass doors in the shower so that you can finally have enough space to open it and still move around in the bathroom. Here are a few tips to make sure you choose the right fittings, whatever your needs.

Get a basic idea of fittings that suit your home

If you’ve gone for an ultra-modern look, then metal and glass will likely be strong features of your home. You’ll want to go for minimalistic looks and sleek, shiny glass panels for windows, doors and showers.

If, however, you’ve opted for a more traditional style you might want to go for decorative glass with patterns, framed shower doors or traditional patio doors. Home glass services such as PG Glass will be able to install glass and frames for you quickly and efficiently, so don’t let the ease of installation dictate your choice.

Decide on a type of window style

If you’re doing a full on renovation, you can choose to either install totally new windows or change the existing ones. Generally, you’ll use new ones if you want to change the size of them, or if the trim or frame is broken or unattractive.

So what are the common window styles, and how do you choose one to suit you? Here are 4 of the most popular and their prominent features and benefits.

  1. Awning windows are generally fairly small and are most often used in bathrooms or other areas where light is needed but privacy is also an important concern. They are hinged at the top and open outwards, and are usually opened, closed and supported by one long handle which can adjust how wide the window is open.
  2. Hung windows are commonly seen in homes. They are windows which open and close by sliding up and down. Single hung windows only slide upwards to open, whereas double hung can be opened from the top or bottom and are an easy way of maximising air flow while still remaining safe for young children.
  3. Casement windows are also commonly found in homes and apartments. They are usually rectangular shaped, hinged on the side and open outwards to either the left or right, much like a door. They seal well when shut so are useful for insulation purposes, but are not ideal if there is a lack of space.
  4. Sliding windows, much like sliding doors, move from side to side in order to open or close. They are an excellent choice where there is limited space or above kitchen counter tops and similar where it can be difficult to push and pull a casement window open or closed.


Choose the right type of glass

Most windows, doors and interior glass fittings can be designed in more than one type of glass. Generally, you’ll want to opt for either toughened glass or laminated glass as they are stronger, giving you added protection against intruders and natural damage. They also shatter more safely than standard glass, in the same way that modern windscreens do. This will help prevent you from cutting yourself in the event that the glass does break, so is particularly important for showers and bathroom areas.


Tips on renovating

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