Car Tint Installation Service

We specialise in the installation of the industry-defining car tint products produced by a brand known for its world-class quality, LLumar®. LLumar®’s range of auto glass window tint is specifically designed to provide an additional protective barrier between the vehicle occupants and external elements, human or otherwise.

Discover the perfect complement to our selection of premium auto glass products. We offer full car window tint installation capabilities of our trained professional technicians, available at select PG Glass fitment centres.

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Car Window Tint Installation Options

Our car window film installation service provides you with a variety of colour, shade and thickness options from which to choose.

We install the following:

  • Clear Car Tint – This clear tint is perfect if all you want is the added safety that is provided by LLumar® car tint with clear visibility.
  • 50% Visible Light Transmission Car Tint – Add safety and improve your vehicle’s ability to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.
  • 35% Visible Light Transmission Car Tint – Block out the sun and prying eyes with 35% VLT, the darkest tint that we install. This is also the legal limit set by South African law.


Choose The Thickness Of Your Car Tint:

  • Safe 100 Micron – Repeatedly tested and found to be optimal in securing the interior of your vehicle should your windows shatter.
  • Ultra 150 Micron – Get the ultimate in vehicle side and rear glass protection with LLumar®’s maximum tint thickness.


This installation service is only available at select fitment centres that are staffed with accredited car tint installation experts. Contact a customer contact centre agent today to find your nearest PG Glass to assist with car tint installation.

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