Laminated and Toughened Glass for Complete Protection


Our Safety and Security Glass solutions are essential for high-risk entry points. According to the National Building Regulations, these types of glass solutions need to be installed where there’s a high probability of broken glass causing harm. The SmartGlass® Solutions that our highly trained glaziers install are: laminated security glass and toughened safety glass.

If your glass needs to be replaced in an emergency situation and you are located in a metropolitan area, contact our Customer Contact Centre now on 0860 03 03 03.

Our range of laminated security glass products are able to resist penetration and multiple strikes due to permanently bonded layers of clear or tinted polyvinyl-butyral interlayers between sheets of float glass. This property makes it an essential security feature for your building. Toughened safety glass is five times stronger than regular annealed glass. Its ability to shatter into small, relatively harmless granules makes it a vital product in high traffic areas and for table-tops and shower doors.

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