Energy Efficient Glass for Green Environment Solutions

Energy efficient glass is a pre-requisite for new building projects and renovations as per the National Building Regulations, vital for a lower carbon footprint. PG Glass glaziers are qualified installers of our wide range of energy efficient glass solutions. Our Environmental and Energy Efficient SmartGlass® Solutions are created through the use of Low-E coatings and double glazing.

Our glaziers are available for emergency glass replacements in metropolitan areas; contact PG Glass through our 24 hour Customer Contact Centre.

Our double glazed units are manufactured from two or more panes of glass held apart by a metal spacer and bonded with a primary and secondary seal, before dehydrated air or argon gas is trapped between the glass panes. Low-E glass products are glass solutions that have been coated on a single side with a clear, microscopic coating that reflects heat. This ensures that buildings stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Contact PG Glass for professional energy efficient glass installations. Please note that these only available from specialised Fitment Centres.

UV Protection to Safeguard You and Your Building’s Interior

UV protection and solar control SmartGlass® Solutions have been specifically created to ensure maximum protection from UV radiation. UV radiation is the primary cause of skin cancer as well as being responsible for the weathering and bleaching of curtains and other furnishings. Our range of laminated UV protection glass products allow you to effectively minimise the risks associated with UV rays. Additionally, our large palette of available colours makes it possible for you to present a highly attractive building exterior.

Contact the PG Glass Customer Contact Centre if you are situated in a metropolitan area and require emergency glass replacement and installation.

Our UV protection solutions have been crafted to ensure that 95% to 99% of all UV radiation is prevented from passing through the glass and into your building. This effect is achieved by bonding one or more polyvinyl butyral interlayers between sheets of high quality float glass. A wide variety of different colours can be created through the use of different coloured interlayers. These solutions are laminated glass products. This makes them an exceptional choice for use in high risk areas where safety and security benchmarks need to be met as per National Building Regulations.

Get in touch with PG Glass today and find a SmartGlass® Solution that best fits your building requirements. Only available from specialised Fitment Centres.

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