Aluminium frames are the most effective frames to opt for if you want to ensure that your glass solution is securely installed, whether it’s a window, door or a shower. Aluminium’s remarkable strength-to-weight ratio makes it the ideal product for securing glass of varying sizes, shapes and thicknesses. Our range of aluminium frames is made of the highest quality materials. When professionally installed by a qualified PG Glass glazier, they comply with National Building Regulations. If you are located in a metropolitan area, call us via our customer care centre for emergency aluminium frame installations.

Our aluminium windows and frames are exceptionally resistant to corrosion. This guarantees an extended lifespan, even when repeatedly exposed to the elements or when installed in a perpetually humid area such as a steam room. Available in anodized form or powder coated in a varying colours, our aluminium solutions are able to seamlessly complement the colour scheme of any building.

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