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Trust the industry leader in glass replacement, the premier glass repair experts, the only name to remember for glass fitment, trust PG Glass.


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Get in Touch with Us Today:For any queries don’t hesitate to contact us, and because we know emergencies can occur at anytime, our call centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • We specialise in auto glass repair and replacement as well as building glass replacement. We take pride in our continued efforts to hold ourselves to an exceptional level of quality in our supply of glass solutions and industry leading service. This is reflected in our cost-effective and convenient customer service, efficient professional staff and high-quality, world-renown glass. Select from our range of glass products now and discover the reason we are the number 1 glass Fitment, Repair and Replacement company in South Africa.

    How to Secure South Africa’s Premier Glass Fitment Service: With South Africa’s most extensive network of glass fitment centres, we can take care of your glass repair and glass replacement needs, regardless of where you live. Find a conveniently located glass fitment centre today

    In addition to our vast network of fitment centres, we have over 200 mobile glass replacement units across the country. We are ready to come to you and provide you with an experienced glass installation expert. Our glass repair, replacement and fitment products and installation methods are subjected to high standards of quality control to ensure you always get the best service the glass fitment industry has to offer.

  • PG Glass is the #1 supplier of automotive and building glass replacement and repair services in South Africa.
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